As you may know, the World Mobile Congress is held in February. Robbie Bach, Microsoft Mobile Entertainment and Devices Division President, has dropped a few interesting hints that Gizmodo came across.

Microsoft will be making several exciting announcements during the show. You will learn:

How the company plans to align its consumer vision and grow opportunities for the mobile industry as a whole.

How it will tackle challenging times ahead, in the face of economic uncertainty and stiffening competition.

Things will be talked about at MWC… I’ve seen it and played with it, set the bar forward not in (just) an evolutionary way.

If we’re going to see devices ship by the end of 2010, we should start seeing leaks and internal betas soon, just as we did with WM6.5. We know its coming, its just a matter of when, and its important that its sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the tip amw1972!