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  • PPCGeeks SPECIAL: A look @ the Samsung Focus & HTC Surround, Pre-Release!

    Hey Geeks! This one comes special, straight from the grinder actually! A contact of ours (Whom asked to remain anonymous in this scenario) happened to take a quick sneak at the HTC Surround and Samsung Focus, two upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices for American release in just three days. As a result, he sneaked these pics. See more below, including a full plethora of shots!

  • Samsung Focus Available In November At AT&T

    Available November 20th for $199.99 with new 2-year contract at AT&T is the Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 device. This will be one of few WP7 devices they carry that also has a Super-AMOLED screen but their very first Samsung version of this platform…