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  • Say Goodbye To The Microsoft Kin

    I think most of us saw this coming for a while now. Microsoft’s featurephone, the Kin (One and Two), are officially dead, after only being in the market for about two months. Microsoft is rolling the Kin team into the Windows Phone 7 team and has halted plans to release the Kin series in Europe, which was slated to happen this fall. Read more…

  • Pricing Announced for Kin One and Two

    The red-headed stepchild to Windows Phone 7, the Kin One and Kin Two finally received a release date and price. Both will come to Verizon Wireless’ website on May 6th and brick and mortar stores on the 13th. The Kin One will set you back $50 and the Kin Two $100, after requisite two year contract and $100 mail in rebate. The shocker comes at the requirement of a $29.99/month Smartphone data plan on top of a voice plan.

  • Social Networking Is Central To Microsoft’s KIN

    The rumored “Project Pink” that Microsoft has been developing to succeed their Sidekick phone is real, as Microsoft unveiled it today. Named Kin One and Kin Two, these two devices launch with the same focus in mind: social networking.  These phones are “designed to navigate your social life,” Robbie Bach of Microsoft stated in the […]