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  • [UPDATED] Apple’s iPhone 5 – Official Specifications!

      The countdown is over. See our updates below for the IPhone 5 specifications. There are rumors already circling stating that it’s just going to be called the iPhone 5. Do you think so? We will find out shortly for sure. There have been numerous leaks ahead of Wednesday’s event, from individual components like screen […]

  • Wal-Mart Cuts Cost of iPhone4 – Next-Gen Coming?!?!

    We do not always have the chance to say Wal-Mart and iPhone in the same article let alone in the same sentence. But there I just did… Wal-Mart has slashed it’s prices on the current iPhone4 16GB by 25%. The promotion is running just through the end of the monththat offers the smart phone for $147 on-contract.