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  • Not another Windows Phone 7 Review – Surround

    So I was privileged to have the chance of a lifetime; a 2 week special time with the HTC Surround – AT&T Windows Phone 7 Device. In this review I will break the phone down in Pro’s and Con’s, rate both the hardware and software and then give my personal opinion about the device. I hope that during your reading you feel enlightened enough to at least try a Windows Phone 7 Device, especially the HTC Surround.

  • PPCGeeks Video Review: Pac-Man & Twin Blades for WP7.

    Hey guys. Tony here bringing you another video review for WP7. This time we take a quick glance at the Twin Blades side scroller and the classic game of Pac-Man. Join me inside for the video review!

  • PPCGeeks Video Review: Deluxe Moon for WP7

    Hey there, Oridus here with a video review for Deluxe Moon from our friends at LifeWare Solutions. Deluxe Moon is an app available on WP7, Android, and iOS to deliver detailed, up to date information about the moon and the Zodiac. Join me for a quick video review.

  • [PPCG Editorial] mindfrost82’s Thoughts About Windows Phone 7

    I’ve used a mixture of Windows Mobile, Android (Eclair and Froyo), and even Blackberry OS 5, and now its time for me to dig into Windows Phone 7. You might be surprised by my thoughts, so if you’re interested, click to read more (warning, its a little long).

  • Which Phone Grills Faster?

    While this isn’t exactly a scientific experiment, and there’s a number of factors that could change the result, we found this video pretty humorous. They put the Windows Phone 7 HTC Surround, iPhone 4, and HTC G2 on a grill to see which one would die the fastest. The results might surprise you. While its not really news, it might be a good pick-me-up for a Wednesday morning! Video after the break!

  • PPCGeeks SPECIAL: A look @ the Samsung Focus & HTC Surround, Pre-Release!

    Hey Geeks! This one comes special, straight from the grinder actually! A contact of ours (Whom asked to remain anonymous in this scenario) happened to take a quick sneak at the HTC Surround and Samsung Focus, two upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices for American release in just three days. As a result, he sneaked these pics. See more below, including a full plethora of shots!