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  • Samsung Brings Android 4.0 to Unlocked Galaxy S II Models

        Samsung Galaxy S II handsets not tied to a specific carrier no longer have to wait for their Android 4.0 upgrade. According to a tweet from Samsung’s UK Twitter account, unlocked Galaxy S II phones can now download and install the software, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Orange and T-Mobile customers with a […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S II -vs- iPhone 4S

    Samsung waisted no time in going after Apple and the release of the iPhone 4S. Just a few hours after the announcement the director of PR sent out a helpful comparison chart showing how the iPhone 4S stacks up against the company’s newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S II.  The company also announced that they’re […]

  • Samsung Galaxy SII in the works

    If you have not already heard about it, this is great news! Apparently the Samsung Galaxy SII rumors are true and this bad boy has been approved by the FCC. What’s so sweet about this device is that it supports 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies, meaning it’ll almost certainly come with dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi. We heard this is one of the first phones ever to come with this feature.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S II comes with AT&T & Canadian HSPA+

    Have you been trying to patiently wait for the Samsung Galaxy S II to come out? If so, there’s really no need to wait any longer.
    Let Samsung in the US wonder why international sales increase when you can now buy a stock, international Galaxy S2 that comes with Canadian and US 3G bands straight off the shelf.