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  • Android Taking Market by Storm

    As the rivalry between carriers and phone companies heats up, Android seems to be winning. Android just keeps getting more and more buzz. Apps are continuously rolling out for it. The talk about the iPhone has been swamped by conversation of the Droid and Hero, especially the Droid. I don’t know how Verizon does it, […]

  • Google Nexus One Specs

    It appears as though the official spec sheet for the Nexus One has been leaked. You can see the screenshot and demo video for yourself after the break. Also, according to sources, it will go on sale January 5th, but on an invite-only basis, which we’re guessing is limited to developers. According to the sheet, […]

  • At&t’s First Android Device?

    Some other smartphone blogs have reported on another new Motorola Android device, codenamed Backflip, Enzo, and Motus (not sure why there’s so many names for it). It appears as though this device is coming to At&t, and depending on if it hits before the Sony X10, it could be their first Android device. It has […]

  • Sprint Hero & Moment To Go Straight To Android 2.1

    Sprint has confirmed that the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will be skipping Android 2.0 and will be jumping straight to Android 2.1. Users will still have to wait until the first half of 2010 for the update though. Click on the image to the left to view a screenshot of the Twitter post. Source: […]

  • Possible Google Phone – Retail or Internal Only?

    Update 2:00pm CST 12/14/09: New rumors have been hitting the blogs heavy within the last few hours saying that we could see this released as early as January 5th and it would be subsidized from Google (not a carrier) and could retail as little as $199 with a contract (terms of which are unknown). There […]

  • SPB Software is Named Android Developer Challenge 2 Media Winner

    SPB Software has been announced as the Android Developer Challenge 2 Media Winner for their SPB TV app, which is a mobile IPTV program. SPB Software has won this award in competition with 199 other nominees of Round II, 19 of them in the same category. “The Android Developer Challenge is something really special for […]

  • Verizon’s DROID Getting 2.0.1 Update

    Originally, Verizon had said this update would be pushed out to customers in “the coming weeks”.  There have been reports now that some customers have been receiving the update within the last couple of days. This update is mostly lots of bug fixes, improved stability and battery life, better camera and call quality, faster visual […]

  • HTC’s 2010 Roadmap

    If you remember, last year PPCGeeks was lucky enough to be the first site to get HTC’s 2009 leaked roadmap and pictures of the devices. Unfortunately we weren’t quite as lucky this year as it was leaked to XDA-Developers first. We’re still here to bring you the goodies though. There’s not a whole lot of […]

  • Yet Another Motorola Android Phone Spotted

    There’s been another, never-before-seen Motorola Android device spotted in the wild. This one appears to have an 8MP camera with autofocus, dual LED flash, 3.8″ display, and an 800MHz processor. So besides another Moto phone in the Droid series, there’s not much more info on this one. Click on the pictures for a larger image. […]

  • iPhone Accounts for 55% of US Mobile Web Traffic

    AdMob, recently acquired by Google, has released its latest report breaking down the US Mobile Web Traffic by OS. The winner, the iPhone, which accounts for 55% (including both the iPhone and iPod Touch). HTC is up, mainly because of its Android devices. RIM/Blackberry is also up, but very little. Nokia and Palm took the […]

  • Garmin Leaks Plans For Android Phone

    As if the At&t’s latest Garmin Nuvifone wasn’t enough, Garmin has leaked plans of a future Android phone for 2010. The leak came on a presentation during a webcast for its third quarter earnings. No other detailed information was given unfortunately. So there’s no word of what carrier might get it or device hardware specs, […]

  • So, you want Android? On your GSM Touch Pro/Fuze? With Working Data?

    So with all the buzz about Droid, I have really started wanting one. Or at least a phone with Android OS and a physical keyboard. But I don’t have Verizon… Not to worry, XDA-Developers came to the rescue! Introducing Android on the Touch Pro! “What’s different than the android package that has been around for […]

  • LG Snapdragon Android Phone in Q2 2010?

    Have you heard enough about the new high-end Android phones coming out? Well we have another one for you! LG has announced that it will have an Android phone with the almighty Snapdragon processor coming out in Q2 2010. Apparently it will be available in the Korean market at first, so it might be a […]

  • Verizon HTC DROID ERIS Available Friday

    If the new Verizon DROID is too expensive for you, Verizon is also launching the DROID ERIS on Friday, for $100 less (although you also get less features). It is comparable to the Sprint Hero and will be available for $99.99 after a $100 mail-in-rebate. It features a 5 megapixel camera, 3.2-inch capacitive display, WiFi, […]

  • Has Droid been lost in the Exchange?

    Do you use Microsoft Exchange for work related E-mails? If so, you will be slapped with an additional $15 charge per month by Verizon. Maximum PC is reporting that using integrated Microsoft Exchange will add $15 dollars to your data plan if you also use a Verizon Droid, the highly hyped “iPhone-killer”. The reasoning behind […]