We heard rumors of this plan back in February but nothing ever happened. Finally, the documents have leaked confirming details on the new Truly Unlimited Data + Talk + Text plan T-Mobile will be offering for a limited time only, starting April 13, 2011. Keep in mind this is only an individual line promotion can only be paired with an Even More account. Those of you with T-Mobile should know those terms. Rumor is the existing $79.99 1500 minute Talk + Text + Web plan will be grandfathered as of April 12th.

Were not sure what the hold up is on the release of the plans but there is a catch. If you see in the image below where it says Data Feature $20.00 for 2GB Unlimited Data. Yes, this $20.00 is already included in the $79.99 price we mentioned above. Keep in mind though, after the first 2GB’s of data speeds are throttled your bill cycle resets. There will be continued connection to the web, but data speeds will be reduced for the remainder of the cycle.

Does this excite you geeks? Let us know what you think. We will keep our eyes open for more details.

Source: TmoNews