We’ve heard rumors about the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update for a while now; Actually ever since its launch. Microsoft has had their fair share of problems with their pre-NoDo update, especially with Samsung phones. Now, according to their official French blog, the NoDo update will be delivered in the 2nd half of March through the Zune software. Since its already March 9th, that could be as early as next week, or closer to the end of the month.

I’m the owner of an HTC Surround (not my primary device anymore), and I’ve been periodically checking it for the update and I haven’t even received the pre-NoDo update yet. After browsing some forums, it doesn’t look like any Surround owners have received any updates yet.

I believe this is the first official statement from Microsoft about a timeframe for the NoDo update. We’ve heard rumors about first quarter, January, February, March, etc, but nothing official. So if this is true, we’ll be seeing this update sometime within the next 3 weeks.