Is Samsung Keeping Froyo From Galaxy S Users?!?

So we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones consists of some of the hottest selling devices among all carriers, and worldwide. Every month we’ve seen reports of how many millions of Galaxy S phones Samsung has sold. Every major carrier in the US has one version of them, whether its the At&t Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, Sprint Epic 4G, or Verizon Fascinate. When these phones were released, they came loaded with Android 2.1 Eclair with promises that they would be getting Froyo. Some rumors even speculated on dates, saying it would be pushed out before the end of 2010. Unfortunately, that rumored promise left many owners frustrated as that time has come and gone now.

While this original leak/tip came from T-Mobile, we can’t help but wonder if the same thing applies to all US carriers since none of the US versions of the Galaxy S phones have gotten an official Froyo update. AndroidSpin got a tip from someone they consider a reliable source that basically says T-Mobile has a working Froyo OTA update, but Samsung has told them not to release it because they feel it will hurt sales for their upcoming Vibrant 4G+ (which is rumored to be a Vibrant with a front-facing camera and support for HSDPA+). The report even says that the original Vibrant can support FULL 4G speeds with this update.

We’ve seen Froyo being pushed out to the European versions of the phones, just nothing in the US. GPS is still broken for many users, which was also promised to be fixed. I’ve read on many forums where people say the Galaxy S will be their first and last Samsung phone, and I, personally, feel the same way. Most of my previous phones have been HTC or Motorola, even a Nokia was thrown in there. This was my first Samsung phone, and because of the way this has been handled, it’ll probably be my last. I have At&t, so I have the Captivate. When Windows Phone 7 came out, I wanted to try it out. My choices were between the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus. Even though everyone was jumping on the Focus, I went with the Surround purely because it WASN’T made by Samsung.

Dare I say it (let the flaming begin), but this sounds a little too Apple like…adding a few features to an existing phone and releasing it as a new device and holding back on OS upgrades for the previous models until the new one comes out. Sound familiar? Just my opinion of course.

How do you feel about this news? Do you think its real, or real fake? If you own a Samsung smartphone, will it be your last one?

Source: AndroidSpin