A couple of weeks ago, the folks at Otterbox were nice enough to send me their Impact case for my Samsung Captivate (a Galaxy S phone). I’ve tried to put it to the test over the past couple of weeks, as much as you can with a case. Their Impact series is a “simple silicon case that absorbs impact and deflects bumps and dings”. It is roughly $20, which is similar to most other cases in this class. When I bought this phone, I also bought the Body Glove case from At&t, which is similar to this case, and is my only real comparison.

I won’t post a bunch of pictures because I’m sure most of you know what it looks like. We’ve reviewed a few of these over the past weeks for different phones, all with good results. With the Body Glove case, people were reporting small scratches on the body of the phone, which were caused by the case. I noticed a few of them on my phone after using the Body Glove case. The Otterbox Impact case seems to fit better and so far hasn’t caused any scratches either.

If you’re looking for a thinner case that offers some protection, then the Impact series is perfect for you. It comes with a screen protector too. It doesn’t offer the same protection as the Commuter or Defender series, but it also isn’t as thick as those. The phone still fit in my pocket easily and was easy to get in and out.

I would highly recommend this case to anyone wanting a low-end case with decent protection.