Rumor: WP7 Tethering Not Going to Happen

Our friends at BGR have spread the word that no tethering will be available on WP7 devices (link here). Thanks to Dr.8820 here at PPCGeeks for sharing this news with us.

How does anyone know this? Director of Windows Phone 7 Brandon Watson stated in an earlier interview that WP7 would have tethering abilities and that it would be up to the carrier to allow it. Following that interview, Watson was corrected by a spokesperson from Microsoft stating that “Windows phone 7 does not support tethering.”

We also just received word that sense, as we know it, will not be the same on WP7 devices. Although this news is just a rumor, these are going to be huge decision makers for most users currently on WM devices and Droid devices when deciding to try out WP7. To hear what our users think, check out the WP7 section on PPCG.