This past week, I had the opportunity to test out a nifty little Android app called CamCard. Its an OCR business card reader that lets you take a picture of a business card and it will scan the text and allow you to add it into your contacts, or you can keep them saved in its internal contact vault. It saves the image of the card as well, so you can always go back and view the original card.

I tried it out with about 5 different business cards from various companies and all in different formats. For the most part, it was pretty accurate. On occasion, it would tag a phone number wrong (office instead of fax, etc). On one card, it didn’t do a very good job at all. It did a good job with the other four cards though. It also lets you edit the details before you save the contact. I had to change number tags on a few of them, but other than that I was very impressed.

I would rate this app a 4 out of 5 stars and say that it is a must have for any business traveler or anyone that doesn’t feel like carrying around lots of business cards. For about $15, its not priced bad either!

Purchase it from the PPCGeeks store today!