Owners of the Motorola Droid will often scoff at any implication their beloved is not as nice other phones, and with good cause: this powerful and customizable device is promoted by an advertising powerhouse who states the ‘Droid Does’ everything.  However, there is one aspect of this device that is lacking; the ‘Droid Doesn’t’ have a large selection of accessories, more specifically cases that sport anything more personalized than the color, “Would you like a black case, or would you prefer pink?”

After looking at countless retail stores and reading reviews of the handful of existing hard shell cases, it was a pleasant surprise to find a series of custom fitted hard-shell cases sporting some handsome graphic designs here at the PPCGeeks.com store.

The ‘Protector Case’ from Mobi Products is easy to install and does not hinder the slider.  Access to all buttons is unobstructed.  Functionally speaking, this is a fine case.  Esthetically, the back graphic is quite nice and exactly what I’d hoped it would be.  The openings on the back are perfectly placed over the speaker and camera, also there are four holes that seem to be placed right over the processor so I assume they are to assist with cooling (bonus points for this).

Looking at the face of the phone with the case installed reveals seams which are unpainted and thus expose the underlying white plastic in a stark contrast to the black phone and mostly black case.  This stands out to such a degree that it overshadows other aspects and becomes the most prominent feature on the phone.  In some places the paint bled onto the seam which further distracts.

In conclusion the case is a good fit and a great price.  It has the potential of being a very nice looking case but the white plastic seams become the defining characteristic of this product.  If you cannot get past the white lines, you may want to skip this and go for one of the more expensive cases on the PPCGeeks.com store.  If you don’t mind the white lines this case may just be your best bet.  Check it out here.