PPCG Review: Kinoma Play

I had the opportunity to review the full version of the popular Kinoma Play. The full version of the app has all the features of the free version plus:

-More search results
-Upload to Flickr, YouTube, and other social networking sites
-Works with iTunes
-Play AVC/H.264 video
-Play thousands of internet radio stations
-Play from URLs
-Play Windows Media Video
-Your personal Jukebox
-Support for FLAC audio
-Kinoma Guide
-Much, much more

Screen transitions are very smooth and has separate “landing” pages similar to an iPhone layout. Finger gestures are very smooth, as well as menu transitions.

The Exit option is a little buried. You have to press the Menu button, then go to the 3rd tab.

The free version of their Player is great and has received many great reviews. The full version just adds to it. In my opinion, it has plenty of options for your $30. Its nice to have one app that does many things well, rather than multiple apps that do things mediocre.

Playback is smooth and the interface seems very intuitive.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Buy it from the PPCGeeks store for $29.99 here!

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