Seidio 2000mAh Extended Battery

I had the opportunity to review the Seidio Innocell 2000mAh Extended Battery for the Touch Pro (my At&t Fuze). While unpacking the battery and battery cover, I noticed the cover had the “rubbery” feel of the European covers and not the slick back the At&t Fuze came with. I prefer the European cover, and I actually ordered one shortly after I bought my Fuze.

After putting the battery in and putting the cover on, I noticed that it wasn’t a perfect fit, but its pretty close. The edges hang over just a tad, but not enough to be annoying.

As the store states, it does add about 2-3mm to the back of the phone, but its really not too bad. It doesn’t feel quite as nice in the hand as it did with the original back, but that’s expected when you buy these extended batteries.

In the battery package, it states that it will take 5-6 full charge/discharge cycles to calibrate the battery. When putting it in the phone, it came with a 50% charge and it states to fully charge it before using it. I had my phone on, but plugged in for a good 4 hours before I took it off the charger.

Read on for my usage experience!

Since everybody’s usage varies, here is my average use for comparison:
-Full HSDPA (3G) signal at work (8 hours of the day)
-HSDPA the whole car ride home
-Switching between 3G and Edge at home
-Bluetooth on 24/7, but only connected to a headset while in the car
-30-60 minutes worth of talk time per day
-10-20 texts per day
-Connected to Exchange 2007 push email 24/7 and receive about 10-30 emails per day (set to download upon arrival and download full email without images)

Outside of those stats, I rarely use the internet or use the phone for much else. I would say maybe 30-60 minutes of internet usage per day, if any.

While I haven’t done the 5-6 full charge/discharge cycles yet, I can already see a difference in battery life. After taking my phone off the charger at 7am yesterday, by 11pm I was down to 70%. I actually used my phone more than my description above (more phone calls and text messaging) because of the PPCGeeks site issues, so I was really impressed. The stock battery would have definitely been dead (or close to it) after that much usage.

Overall, if you’re a really heavy user and can’t get through a half a day on a stock battery, then this will probably get you through a day, or close to it. If you’re a mild user, like myself, then you should be able to get 2+ days easily.

I give this a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, with its only fault being the battery cover fit as described above. In my opinion, its well worth the $55.

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