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The Government Is Trying To Stick Their Noses In Your Pocket

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has started working with mobile phone manufactures, including Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, and LG, to begin implementing poison chemical detectors.

April 48, 2010 Devices, General

LG Windows Phone 7 Prototype

While Microsoft used a basic, unbranded ASUS device to show off Windows Phone 7 at the MWC10, LG was the first manufacturer to show us

February 45, 2010 Devices

LG States Windows Mobile 7 Will Ship In 2010

LG just announced, at their CES event, that they will be shipping new Windows Mobile 6.5 AND Windows Mobile 7 devices this year. Source: MobileTechWorld

January 55, 2010 Devices

Sprint Getting Another Android Device – LG LS680?

In addition to Sprint’s big announcement coming January 6th before CES, it appears as though they could have another announcement, another Android device! There are

December 08, 2009 Carriers, Devices

LG eXpo Reviewed

The folks over at PhoneScoop had the opportunity to review the recently announced LG eXpo, coming to At&t. Overall, it got a pretty good rating

December 23, 2009 Devices

[OP/ED]- Microsoft to ditch Mobile OS?

An interesting article has been posted by the UK’s newspaper The Guardian hypothesizes that Microsoft could abandon their Mobile OS platform, Windows Mobile, all together

December 42, 2009 General

LG eXpo Coming To At&t Dec. 7th

At&t and LG Electronics announced today that the eXpo (also known as the LG IQ for Telus) will be coming to At&t on Dec. 7th.

November 58, 2009 Carriers, Devices

LG Snapdragon Android Phone in Q2 2010?

Have you heard enough about the new high-end Android phones coming out? Well we have another one for you! LG has announced that it will

November 03, 2009 Devices
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