OK so I know this is not cell phone news – but this does impact us in the mobile world. Skype is to be bought out by Microsoft. This news comes after rumors yesterday of Skype taking offers. The total cost of the Skype buyout is $8.5 billion dollars. This includes $686 million of debt, eBay originally acquired the business for $2.6 billion in cash and stock back in 2005, because of this eBay gets $2.55 billion for its remaining 30% stake in Skype. This just means eBay finally made money on the deal from years ago. Skype co-founder Niklas ZennstrM  and Janus Friss get about $1.19 billion for their 14% stake in the company.

Now we here at PPCGeeks will let the speculating begin – but what exactly does Microsoft do with Skype? Do we see voIP for Windows Phone 7, or even a Kinect/Skype mash up? Is there something big planned that Microsoft has in store for future Windows Phones, or even possible Windows itself? Time will only tell but I do hope that they bring Skype voIP to native support in Windows Phone 7. I know there is a Skype app that will be released after Mango later this year, but imagine NATIVE support! One big question that concerns me and I think it does for others is “How badly will Microsoft foul up the acquisition with their unique bureaucratic charming personality? Let us know your thoughts PPCGeeks – and remember sometimes these things drive ideas for companies!

Source: DSLreports.com