The HTC HD Mini, an intended Windows Phone 7 Device by HTC

Today at the World Mobile Congress via Press Release, HTC has announced their latest additions to their family of Android and Windows Phone Products.

Their first set of announcements includes updates to their series of HTC Sense UI system for the Android Operating System. The HTC Sense will feature new products such as The HTC Friend Stream, perhaps containing properties similar to those released and announced by Microsoft in their Windows Phone 7 demos.

Along with the updates to HTC Sense comes two new devices, the HTC Legend and HTC Desire. The HTC Legend is a 3.2 inch AMOLED device that is to be built around their HTC Sense Improvements, utilizing an optical joystick, rather a trackball or D-Pad as seen in previous models.

The HTC Desire is intended to be released as a device for a rich multimedia experience in the form of news, videos, friends, and more. It will be built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, to maintain a high level of speed and functionality. It will have multimedia upgrades to allow a better experience on its 3.7 inch AMOLED WVGA resolution screen. It is also announced to be Adobe Flash 10.1 Ready upon release later this year. Both devices are intended for initial release in Europe and Asia, but there are chances these devices will hop across the ocean sometime in the near future!

Lastly, the biggest release on the Windows Phone end of products for HTC and their press release is the HD Mini (Seen above,) an intended sister product to the HD2, which is an announced windows phone 7 capable device.

The HD mini will feature high levels of usability, including HTC SENSE! That’s right, HTC intends to keep the ball rolling and include their famous UI system, probably now adhering and collaborating with Microsoft’s METRO UI system, which is a standard to their current family of products.

The HD Mini will feature all of the major advantages and releases as announced by Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7 Series, such as pinch to zoom, extreme connectivity to social networking and other products, and have a similar feel and intention like that of the HD2. The HD Mini intends to hit European Markets this April, and perhaps then reach the American shores by X-Mas

This was brought to you direct from HTC, stay tuned for more exclusive news as MWC rolls on!