For the past few weeks, all I have been hearing about is DROID! Droid does everything you want; Droid is everywhere you need it to be (like Times Square), and it’s “App-Mashing and Multitasking”. Seems like another awesome phone, right? And that’s where we are wrong.
Verizon Droid

Droid is not just a phone; it’s a series of phones. In fact, it is the name for Verizon’s entire Android phone selection. What is the real name of the phone we have been calling “Droid” you ask? It is known as “The Sholes”, although it may simply be called Droid by everyone else. Another one of the Droid phones is the “Droid Eris” – -A phone that HTC calls the HTC Desire. We can expect to see the Eris on November 6th.
HTC Droid

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