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  • New ROM Alert! Reaper24’s Evo 3D ROM.

    If you own an Evo 3D and want to flash something that will speed it up but also custom theme it as well as some other nice tweaks, Reaper Rom may be for you. As an avid Android user for a while, I love flashing ROMs, kernels, themes, and various other tweaks.  Chef Reaper24 started […]

  • [Discussion] Should Windows Phone 7 Allow Themes?

    So Many of us have beaten our heads agaisnt the Windows Phone 7 locked environment. We can only change the background color from black to white, and tile colors from basically preset colors by Microsoft. All the while Android phones can basically customize anything and everything. Would Windows Phone 7 be better or worse with Themes? Think about predefined task bars, overlays, dialers, colors, and pictures.