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  • First HTC Quad Core Device Codenamed the “Endeavor”?

    HTC may be about to make smartphone history with the world’s first quad-core handset, if the latest reports from veteran phone blog MoDaCo are to be believed. According to MoDaCo’s source, the manufacturer will soon unveil the HTC Endeavor, and it’ll be powered by a beastly quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. Other reported specs include […]

  • Possible first look at Google’s Nexus 3

    You could take away buttons and add more screen real estate, which to some people, wouldn’t make sense because a larger screen is much more expensive than putting in a few buttons. Therefore, from a manufacturing standpoint, it’s either take away the buttons and just have a smaller device, or keep the buttons and have a slightly larger device. We’ll see what they choose, but the leaked photo seems to have me believing that Ice Cream will be bringing devices with full frontal displays. With tablets beginning to flood the market, larger screens seem to be the way things are headed. What are your thoughts on this approach? Do you think this is the long awaited, rumored Nexus 3?