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  • Nexus One hits the shelves free of contract

    That’s right the heat is on! Google’s Nexus one hit the shelves today equipped for 3G action on AT&T and Rogers networks, free of any contract from carriers. The device is available for purchase from Google’s on-line phone store carrying a price tag of $529. For more information on the phone visit Google’s phone store.

  • Telus Milestone: Rooted.

    The developer team over at alldroid.org has  managed to gain root access to the version of the Motorola Milestone which was recently released by Telus Mobility in Canada.  At first glance this doesn’t seem like news; both the Droid and Milestone were rooted months ago.  The difference is the Telus version was released with the […]

  • Possible Google Phone – Retail or Internal Only?

    Update 2:00pm CST 12/14/09: New rumors have been hitting the blogs heavy within the last few hours saying that we could see this released as early as January 5th and it would be subsidized from Google (not a carrier) and could retail as little as $199 with a contract (terms of which are unknown). There […]