Flappybird pulled from appstores / where to download it for Android

  Flappybird developer Dong Nguyen has officially pulled Flappybird from the Iphone and android appstore. Amid pressure from users going on twitter and throwing racial slurs to people on facebook attacking flappybird game with I hate flappybird groups, Dong Nguyen had enough. There were even app's that attacked flappbird , like the flappybird smash game on android. Other developers saying he made the flappybird smash as a double dip , making money off the fan's that didnt like the original game.

  After news broke out about flappybirds exit , people took to ebay and starting selling iphones and ipods with flappybird installed for $1,000 a phone. One phone was reportedly sold for $7,700 dollars which is extremely hard to believe. It seems like everyone wanted to cash in on the flappybird legend before it fades. Personally think the developer should have not caved into pressure and kept the game up. Dong Nguyen is still a happy man making $50,000 a day in AD revenue from flappybird and he kept his other apps on the marketplace as well.



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