Ever since our humble beginnings in 2006, PPCGeeks has been a community about free information and free technology. What made PPCGeeks (and our parent company Infitech Media) so amazing was what we built ourselves upon: the foundation of an amazing mobile phone, and the dedication to make it something better.

For over five years, we’ve been a home to community members who appreciate the right they have to develop new content for devices they own and share it with the world. PPCGeeks has never been a place to denounce or deprive its community of opportunities to be creative, be advanced, and be innovative. As you can imagine, we have been with much distraught in the wake of the recent developments of two bills in the United States, the “Stop Online Piracy Act” and the “Protect-IP Act”, also known as SOPA and PIPA.

Both of these acts, in short, destroy the very fundamental part of the internet we are built upon – the free and unfiltered exchange of knowledge. Thousands of other websites, including Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, RootzWiki, and many others like ourselves are built upon the ability for its users to add content and allow it to be placed without first being filtered or approved, ensuring it is not in violation of copyright. It is also essential that we remain free to not be restricted by a “guilty-first” philosophy, which prevents sites to develop themselves under fear of being indited by Governments. SOPA and PIPA – if enacted – destroy the foundation our Internet is built upon, including websites such as PPCGeeks.

This goes against ever we stand for – and this is what is entailed within both SOPA and PIPA’s legislation, currently in the process of being discussed within Congress. As a site that is not only based in the United States, but also carrying a very strong American population, we feel standing idly by the wake of such an act is foolish and ignorant.

For 16 hours, on January 18th, we willl be joining such other websites in our community such as XDA-Developers, as well as in the greater spectrum such as Wikipedia, to protest the enactment of SOPA / PIPA and its potentially detrimental effects on our way of life on the Internet by shutting down all our services at PPCGeeks and displaying this protest statement regarding SOPA / PIPA starting Wednesday Morning from 7 AM until 8 PM EDT. After which PPCGeeks will return to its regular state as a website.

We urge everyone with a voice to use it, and to express concern to their Congressmen or to sign petitions available in other communities. Join us in fighting SOPA and ensuring our Governments are aware of what WE want our Internet to be. Free, Open, and For Everyone.


The Team at PPCGeeks.com & Infitech Media.