Layar Vision….Fun AND Functional!!

Have you ever wanted to post an article your reading from a magazine to Facebook but can’t find it online? Ever wanted to buy tickets to that concert you saw a poster for on the street….IMMEDIATELY?!?! Then read on my friend…..

Layar is for you then….It is an “Augmented Reality Browser” This is a very cool system of having virtual images saved in the Layar database for use when your phone’s camera scans images (news articles, buildings, posters, store products…..) in the ‘real-world’ that match the tags created as cues for the virtual image to be used.  A 3-D ‘layer’ will pop onto your screen offering you certain choices (such as that concert poster being overlayed with an option to purchase tickets) or information that is associated with what your looking at on your screen.

The Android beta should be out soon, but tell me that after reading a little and watching the video that this will make for a  fantastic tool on our devices (of any OS)!!

Doesn’t that look useful (and fun)? There is a lot more information on the Layar site, but check out my sources as well, the more I see the more I am looking forward to that beta!! What do you think? Will it catch on or become a function of our devices that is really cool but impractical 99% of the time?

Sources: Layar  Pitchengine  Phonearena