Google Mail upgrade…..the good and the bad!

Google has been updating a lot of their applications lately, but the one that jumped out at me first was Gmail!! If you use Gmail and have an Android phone take a look  at what I found over at PhoneScoop:

Among the positive changes is the ability to turn off the pushing of mail except for priority mail. This will help save battery life and enable quicker access to the important stuff.

You can also customize the tones of mail according to the folder they fall in, very nice for prioritizing what you need to read without even having to look.

Another really cool option is the ability to show contact images, mostly glam, but really cool, like looking at an SMS listing!!

Now….the bad….To be honest, the only bad thing I have found so far is the fact that third-party notification apps won’t work now.  So you can’t have an unread count on the main screen with apps like SMS Unread Count. Minor I know, but if you have a good theme going on this may be a bit of a downer for you!

Gmail users….what do you think? Will this help save precious battery life on your phone or just add to the cool look when showing off to friends?


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