Starting today, Verizon has made more inductive wireless charging battery covers available for a list of some of their top devices including the already released cover for the HTC Thunderbolt.

Here are the devices that now have inductive charging backs available and links for each:

Incredible 2
Charge Pad

The LTE covers are a little more costly than the rest and the charging pad will set you back approximately $70. Considering that once you buy the pad, it will charge any device you have that uses this same technology, it may well be worth it for you. I know I am tired of the multiple docks, chargers, and cords I have around my desk area.

With many users owning more than one mobile phone, internet-enabled device, tablet, laptop, portable music and video players, the resulting tangle of wires and bulky chargers is ugly, frustrating and can be very inconvenient. The constant usage of charging connectors also lowers charging reliability due to the potential for corrosion and breakage.

With a universal wireless power charging standard, electronic products and charging stations using the same standard will recognize each other and charge.
Different brands and different devices can then re-charge using the same type of battery and share the same charging station.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming technology?
Is this the way of the future, or a trend that will pass?
Will you be picking up a charge pad and battery cover for any of your devices on the list?
Or have you tried this technology out in the past, on the HD2 or Evo, or any other device that has already begun to support this technology?

source: Droidlife