Some of you may ask what is Skyfire? Skyfire is an easy way to enjoy flash videos from the web on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Browse to your favorite web sites and finally unlock the content that matters to you such as funny clips, sports and news updates or even the video link your friend sent you. Skyfires platform translates videos from Flash into an iPhone-friendly format. Keep in mind the official Skyfire app for iPhone is still awaiting approval from Apple to be released to the public.

Intomobile had a chance to get up close and personal with the Skyfire browser on an iPhone4 and they had one adventurous experience – an experience punctuated by streaming Flash videos and interactive Flash websites. The iPhone never had it so good in their opinion. Skyfire worked very well during their tests for the most part. Some website that use Adobe Flash did well while others such as Pinkberry’s homepage would not load the flash content. We can only assume these minor issues are still being worked through.

One cool features is that if you’re browsing in another browser such as Safari you can still open Flash video links in Skyfire. How? Simply tap and hold on the link in your other browser and copy the link. Then, go to your home screen and fire up Skyfire. The app will automatically detect that you have a pending video link in your clipboard and ask you if you want to open that link/video. That’s all you have to do. Does that sound simple enough?

Another feature Intomobile points out is that you can easily switch between desktop and iPhone mode by hitting the “browsing mode” icon in the top right corner of the browser. If you want to browse privately, that option is available as well under each browser tab in Skyfire so you have the freedom to easily and hastily chose which option to use each time you open a new tab.

Take a look at the video demo provided by Intomobile on their news page below.