Beejive IM Coming To Android Today

For all of you IMers out there, today, Android is making another stride with a popular cross-platform app. This time welcome Beejive IM to the mix. We already have Palringo and a few other multi-client chat apps out there, and not to mention the standalone AIM, Yahoo IM, Google Talk, etc. So far though, most of them have been battery hungry. This could change with Beejive IM for those of you on Froyo, Android 2.2, with the introduction of a push notification system.

BGR has been using a beta version for a few weeks now and seem to be impressed with it. The app should be available in the Market sometime today for $9.99. So far its not showing up for me, but feel free to report your findings. Hopefully we can write up a full review of this app soon!

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