PPCG Week in Review!

Week in Review!

It’s time for the first PPCG week in review, where we take a look at what’s happened throughout the community this past week. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your head in dismay.   So let’s kick this thing off!

The inaugural week for the WP7 Gang has been quite exciting. Founded by darren.wlson1 last Saturday, they have brought much verve to the WP7 world. Enthusiasm was curbed at news of the circus going on in the development team for WP7 and the fact that their true product won’t be complete for 5 years, but Darren has been rallying the troops. Stay tuned to see how the gang fares.

We’ve had another explosive week in the HTC Evo 4G forums. Anyone who’s been to that jungle and made it out alive to talk about it can tell you how hectic it is in there. From seemingly millions of posts on how it is the worst device known to man, woman, child, or beast, to the same number of posts swearing the Evo is the best device ever made by anyone in the history of communication, we’ve had posts about the screen, 4G, widgets, apps, games, keyboards, and we’ve had some great chefs step up and cook some really nice looking ROMs. This device has been out less than 2 weeks and the Evo forums are closing in on 27,000 posts!

This past week has also seen lots of polarization on the iPhone 4. From the iFans to the iHaters to the iDon’tCares we’ve seen lots of commentary on news stories of specs, pre-orders, and rumored CDMA handsets.

The awesome photo contest started by Mr. X has gained popularity. Check some of the amazing shots there, and don’t forget to post your own! There are really some amazing ones!

The 2010 Playoffs thread has also been quite active, and there’s been some heated back-and-forth going on in there. The Lakers, having ended things last night, have essentially put an end to this saga.

We’ve had some awesome posts this week, from long to funny to just plain crazy!

We also had PPCG staff meet up, with some awesome pictures.

It’s been a pretty busy week here at PPCG, stay tuned for this upcoming Thursday when Laos brings back the podcast! What do you think about this past week in the PPCG? What did I miss that happened right under my nose? What would you have liked to have seen happen?

Stay tuned for next Friday’s Week in Review!  It’s sure to get better and better and better!