New HTC EVO 4G Promo Video, Skyfire Alpha and Other Android news

There is a lot of buzz in the air about some great new Android devices and apps that are in the works and we just knew that there were a few exciting tidbits that our faithful readers would love to know. First up is a new HTC video, which looks to be a promo clip for their latest announced device, the EVO 4G for Sprint. With a 4.3″ screen, snapdragon processor, 3G/4G compatibility and more goodness than you can shake a stick at, the EVO 4G is certain to make even the most hardcore Windows Mobile user consider the switch to Android. Just check out the 1:31 video below to see why the EVO 4G is getting so much hype.

Next up is a little thing that we like to call Skyfire, the widely popular Internet browser currently available for Windows Mobile and Nokia Series 60 phones. Skyfire has announced that they have entered the Alpha stage of testing for their release of Skyfire for Android. They are currently looking for users willing to test their app on devices running Android 1.5 or higher and space is limited. For more information on their Alpha program, and to get on the list to try Skyfire for Android, head over to their site.

Lastly, it is noteworthy to mention that prior to their official release, the HTC Legend and Desire have already been rooted. Root access allows a user to have full access and control over Android’s system files and resources, thereby giving them the freedom to remove carrier bloatware and run apps requiring root access. It is not certain yet how HTC will answer to the root access on the Desire and Legend but rumor has it that they are already looking for a fix.

That’s all the Android news that we have for the moment, but rest assured that our eyes are open for more. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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