Ever wanted to LISTEN to your news, rather read it? The PPCGP, Pocket PC Geeks Podcast, is here! And we have a new date and time!

Rather than read the news, why not listen to it? You can tune in THURSDAY NIGHT at our ustream page, or listen sometime tomorrow via our RSS Feed!!

We used to meet on Wednesday but it isn’t working out, so the show will now host at 10:00 PM EST on Thursday. A little later to accommodate our Midwestern and Pacific guests. If you can keep your eyes open you Need to show up! The PPCGP is an experience that any mobile user should see!

Some of our topics for Thursday

A DETAILED look at all of the Touch Pro2 ROMS, we’ll put them to the test!

Windows Mobile 7 Phone rumors spill in!
Is HTC Lying to us?
Is Zune prepping for a Zune Phone?
Welcome to Walmart, interested in our special on the Nexus?
Microsoft goes toe to toe with its Marketplace Devs
Is Microsoft moving Windows Mobile to a new Zone?
Iphone about to be a free bird?!
Palm revives within Verizon!

Don’t miss this AMAZING episode THURSDAY NIGHT, at 10:00 PM EST! (9PM CST, 7PM PST), via Ustream . This is not one to miss!

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