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With the release of the Touch Pro 2, users are frantically looking for ways to protect their product. While holsters do a great job of offering mobility, they don’t do justice for when the device is actually in your hands being used. Most of the time this is when the phone may drop, or get scratched, making you wish you’d want to jump off a bridge for damaging your phone.

Finding hard cases to protect your phone isn’t that difficult. Ebay has a large collection, although most of the time, result in  a low quality feel and doesn’t always fit that well. Thankfully Seidio has expanded their line-up of Touch Pro 2 accessories with their latest offering, the Seidio Innocase Surface, which provides an amazing layer of protection without added bulk.
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The Look:
The Innocase Surface currently comes in black, which thankfully is the color of most of our devices, so worrying about a mis-match in color is not an issue here. The Innocase Surface comes in two-pieces. One to clip on the back of your device and one to cover the front half.

The front clip is very well designed. Most hard cases are well… Hard!. The front clip on this product is very flexible. Why is this important? Well for one thing, you don’t have to worry about the stiffness causing the piece to crack in certain areas if removing it from your phone, or while putting it on.

The back clip is a little more sturdy as its a full cover design. Looking at the back clip, you will notice that it is specifically designed at heart towards our Touch Pro 2’s. There is a nice cut out on the top half for the sleep button on the device, a cut out at the bottom of the device for the stylus, usb jack and 3.5mm headphone jack. Adding to that, Seidio has also supplied the cut out for the nice wrist strap feature on the phone. On the back of the case, there is also a cut out for the camera, dual speakers and microphone switch.

Seidio has definitely done a great job with the look of the case. The soft rubberized finish blends in very well with the device, and it doesn’t look tacky.

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The Feel:
Applying the case to your device is very simple. Simply apply the back piece to the back of your phone, you will hear about 4-5 clicks as it’s clipping properly to your phone. Proceed to do the same with the front piece and voila! Your done.

Well, how does it feel when it’s on the phone? Many can argue that the Touch Pro 2 is already a bulky device to hold. Why add more thickness to the device? The Seidio Innocase Surface is designed from a high quality polycarbonate plastic that measures only 1MM in thickness. Holding the phone with the cover in place doesn’t change the experience of your phone at all. There is absolutely no added bulk to the device.

The finish on the cover is exceptional. It has a soft, rubberized finish which allows the user to have a better grip on the device while using it.

Using the device while having the keyboard slid-out is also a non-issue with the case. Seidio has done a great job having a specific cutout along the edge, therefore the device still maintains its tilt feature, allowing the user to use their device to the full advantage.

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Many companies out there that design accessories for our devices, although do a great job, sometimes lack in certain areas. Seidio has been offering accessories for over five-years now and the quality is definitely shown with their latest offering. The Seidio Innocase Surface is highly recommended for users who are looking to have some added protection for their devices. The Seidio Innocase Surface is currently available for all customers and can be purchased for $29.95USD

Overall, it’s definitely the best solution for protecting your device for years to come.

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Review Rating: 5 out of 5

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