[Breaking News] CDMA Touch Pro2 Unlocked!

Unlocked PPCGeeks is happy to report that the CDMA Touch Pro2 has been unlocked and is now ready to accept custom ROM’s! The unlocker, posted here, can be downloaded for use on all CDMA Touch Pro2 devices.

As a warning, any user who unlocks and flashes custom ROM’s could void their warranty. Also, flashing any ROM will erase ALL information (Contact Info, Pictures, etc.) from your device, so make sure to back up your device before unlocking.

FAQ from cmonex herself:
-License: You will just have to run the program on the PC with phone connected, normally you will not notice anything about the licensing.
-SIM Unlocker: 10.5GBP for those who didn’t contribute in the community (by donation or by other help such as hacks, tweaks, roms, etc)
and no, the SIM unlocker will not be posted here, it’ll be hosted elsewhere.

Now go have at it!

Thanks to the Elite Team and cmonex for all their hard work!