CDMA to LTE Data Handover Completed..

While this may not be the biggest news for most of the community, the first live and active passover of a data connection between a CDMA and LTE (Long Term Evolution) device has been completed. This means that a device that has both a CDMA and LTE chipset, respectively, handled a data connection and switched over from one technology to another without a loss of the data connection.

This is significant for a few reasons. First off, this showcases future technology that Verizon Wireless may use when they start their own roll out of LTE. Also, having a device like this would allow for users to use LTE in Europe/Asia and a CDMA network in the US. A ROM could be built that allows a user to access Sprint’s CDMA network while also browsing Verizon’s LTE network for instance. Also, it puts pressure on Sprint/Clearwire to increase the speed of the roll out of their own 4G (Wi-Max) network. For more information on LTE, please go here.

Source: Cellular-News


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