Clearwire To Get Another $1.5 Billion

Sprint is preparing to put another billion dollars into Clearwire, its 4G WiMAX partner. Their other partners, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Intel and Google (exclude

November 09, 2009 Carriers

Samsung Pays Qualcomm $1.3 Billion

Samsung and Qualcomm have reached a cross-licensing deal which will let Samsung continue producing 3G and 4G wireless phones for the next 15 years.  Samsung

November 09, 2009 General

Apple App Store Requirements Not Up to Par

We just got a tip. About a invasion of your privacy. From a iPhone Game App. According to a reliable source, Storm8, maker of free

November 06, 2009 Apps, Carriers, Devices

An iPhone? No way! On Verizon? Where?!?

There are several major different selling points of the iPhone. The biggest one in my opinion – IT JUST WORKS. No need to unlock and

November 06, 2009 Carriers, Devices

Keep your arms and legs!

Several months back, I was looking into getting Boost. The reason being that they have unlimited talk (as well as everything else) for $50 a

November 06, 2009 Carriers

FCC Approves At&t’s Purchase of Centennial Wireless

Today, the FCC gave their stamp of approval on At&t’s purchase of Centennial Wireless, a small US carrier of about 893,000 subscribers. The deal is

November 06, 2009 Carriers

So, you want Android? On your GSM Touch Pro/Fuze? With Working Data?

So with all the buzz about Droid, I have really started wanting one. Or at least a phone with Android OS and a physical keyboard.

November 06, 2009 Apps, Devices

LG Snapdragon Android Phone in Q2 2010?

Have you heard enough about the new high-end Android phones coming out? Well we have another one for you! LG has announced that it will

November 06, 2009 Devices

Verizon Data Goes Prepaid

Yeah, that’s right, Verizon Broadband Data has gone prepaid! Starting November 16th, the Verizon Wireless USB760 will be available with a $15 daily access rate

November 05, 2009 Carriers, Devices

Verizon HTC DROID ERIS Available Friday

If the new Verizon DROID is too expensive for you, Verizon is also launching the DROID ERIS on Friday, for $100 less (although you also

November 05, 2009 Carriers, Devices

Topless Women on T-Mobile Bill Pay Site?

We just received a tip from Mike who stumbled across an article which proves that bad things happen in 3’s, at least that’s the case

November 04, 2009 Carriers

Verizon Increasing ETF For “Advanced Devices”

The folks over at BGR have confirmed that Verizon has plans to increase the Early Termination Fee on “advanced devices” from $175 to up to

November 04, 2009 Carriers

Can you hear me now? Not on T-Mobile!

I have been considering getting T-Mobile since it appears that they will be getting the HD2. Fortunately for Sprint, T-Mobile went ahead and had a

November 03, 2009 Carriers

Has Droid been lost in the Exchange?

Do you use Microsoft Exchange for work related E-mails? If so, you will be slapped with an additional $15 charge per month by Verizon. Maximum

November 03, 2009 Carriers, General

Verizon Wireless Sued over “There’s a Map For That’ Ad Campaign

Recently, Big Red began to market against AT&T’s long running “Theres an App for That” marketing campaign for the Iphone. The campaign, using the phrase “There’s

November 03, 2009 Carriers
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