Neowin reports that new WP7 Mango hand sets will indeed sport front facing cameras for video chat.

The news was confirmed in a session at Tech Ed today by a Microsoft staff member, and confirmed in a tweet from Windows Phone NZ. We’ve seen a few Mango devices so far, but only one is available in the wild. Based on this news, its likely that the majority of Windows Phone “7.5” hardware will sport a front facing camera.

This is good news for WP7 fans since Android and iOS have been doing this for a while.  If you recall, recently MS bought Skype and will be offering it as well as their own program called Lync.  Lync is Microsoft’s VoIP program that builds on top of its consumer messaging product, Windows Live Messenger, by adding in several business-oriented tools. More evidence of this can be shown by an icon spotted in the Mango camera app showing the ability to switch cameras.



The soon to be released 7720 RTM version of Mango won’t have these features, but they are expected to be rolled out very soon, coming live to a phone near you!