Research In Motion – or blackberry as most of us know has had to cut Jobs by 2,000 people. They did this move to stay current, fresh, and well to stop the bleeding of users not flocking towards their devices. These cuts were the second line of cuts, which were done to help reallocate, and restructure the company.

RIM as you well know has been losing customers by the boat load, flocking towards iPhone, and Android…Why? Simple APPS! RIM has been very slow to adopt new ideas such as apps and UI changes, let alone touchscreen and fast smoother phones.

RIM is hoping to attract users by their new system QNX. You can find the QNX on the sluggish but nice Blackberry tablet. (I know it is sluggish – played with it at Sprint last night). But problem is that most blackberry users like the blackberry for it’s simple and dependable OS, QNX is not tested, and therefore not tried and true.

With more layoffs possible RIM is hoping for a small miracle to get them through, but one thing is for sure, if they don’t change the writing is on the wall. So what are your thoughts PPCG, is Blackberry QNX system the life changing force to save the company? Will it bring RIM back to the front lines of cell phones? Tell me below!

Source: Mobiledia