Ok so I missed this one but I know our Canada friends here at PPCG would like to at least know that Ottawa has 4G LTE coverage… The first 4G network was launched by Rogers and though there aren’t any smartphones available to make use of the (up to) 75 Mbps data speeds, Rogers does have an internet stick to get the ball rolling. Rogers has hinted that Samsung and HTC LTE handsets will be available in Canada before the end of the year. Maybe they’re alluding to Droid Charge and Thunderbolt?

I’m really looking forward to the LTE network if only to put a dent into carriers that are marketing HSPA+ as 4G. I know this is in Canada but come on HSPA+ is NOT 4G! It will take time though to get this boat moving, but with this launch we should see Telus moving in that direction as well. Telus has had a mindset of “not first, but best” so we shall see what they bring to the table when they launch their 4G system. I slightly agree here though, I mean think about this Canada has a 3-year contact, so if I buy a phone with 4G I have to stick with Rogers for 3-years or pay the ETF…Seems Rogers is going after this with numbers in mind…Maybe Telus should also?

 It is nice to see that Canada is not that far from the American launch of 4G systems. It will be nice however to have a international roaming plan with 4G LTE for those on Verizon and AT&T… Tell me what you think Geeks – does this Canada news make you giddy with excitment? Is it what we hoped for?

Source: IntoMobile