Update: We got some facts wrong with the original release – just an FYI that #teamwin found the exploit and got it to temp root!

Geeks – #teamwin  has done it again!

Earlier today, after just six short days – #teamwin, consisting of a variety of devs all over the Android spectrum, posted a pic on twitter showing a temporary root – They found an exploit that appears to be the hole they needed to get inside and be but a few steps closer to the Permanent Root – or in other words, Custom ROMS and Kernels! They later had a Q&A on #htc-evo-3d on Freenode – where unrEVOked also stepped in and helped shed light on the S-OFF situation, which they both were currently involved in attempting to accomplish.

But what does this all mean?

  • The Team stated (first and foremost) they will notify HTC of the exploit, and intend to notify them of how to fix it – this is out of tradition and good intentions of the white hat team
  • The Team stated temp root (which means you can modify /system/ of your phone, but after reboot it will return to ROM settings) will lead to a permanent root solution by the end of the weekend, after which they will release the exploit and root solution to the public. Anyone remember Soft SPL of way back when?
  • S-OFF (Or disable NAND Security, which allows you to install any update and essentially be rooted even if you flash an OTA) has not been achieved yet.
  • This is the beginning of ROM development for the EVO 3D, but you will still have to wait a LITTLE longer!

For those wanting the full scoop, a copy of the chat log is below – a lot of great stuff was discussed, so be sure to read it!

PASTEBIN (WITHOUT IPS – thanks pinpoint!)