The folks over at the Chinese XDA have apparently gotten a pretty good looking alpha version of Android with Sense 3.0 to run an HTC HD7.

Considering there is no HSPL or HaRET for WP7 yet they somehow managed to flash it.

“Video or it didn’t happen!” you exclaim, take a look for yourselves.

That looks pretty real to me ladies gentlegeeks. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, such as dual-booting WP7/Android on devices not called HTC HD2.

This makes me think of another point. See, WP7 uses the SD Card and NAND as part of a raid zero partition, and as you know, if you were to remove the SD card and restart your phone it would hard-reset because you broke the partition. So in order to do this someone would have had to overwrite everything on NAND and replace it with Android, and if dual-booting is going to be possible we will need a whole new bootloader written which will launch different operating systems from different locations, like MAGLDR does on the HD2.

But enough nerd talk for now, all I can say is I cannot wait to see something like this publicly released.