I’ve seen several comments about how the Windows Phone market isn’t up to par. Well whether you think they are or not, they are definitely working their way up the ladder. Currently they have 9,000 applications available for download and plan to have 10,000 or more by March.

Their growth rate is around 2,000 applications a month. This could potentially increase as long as their operating system keeps selling well. They’ve only been out for a couple of months so for them to have 9,000 applications in use on a brand new operating system is pretty good.

For a look at it’s competition: Android Market (over 200,000 apps), iPhone App Store (more than 350,000 apps) and the RIM App World (nearly 20,000 apps.) With numbers like that, Windows does have a little catching up to do but they aren’t far behind RIM. Once they can surpass RIM, they will be well on their way to competing with the bigger OS’s. With the help of multiple Microsoft developers and their rapid increase in supporters helping out, this shouldn’t take them too much longer to catch up.

For what applications are currently available, we see some positive and negative feedback but that’s also with any application on any OS. Windows Phone Marketplace is definitely aiming to provide quality applications for their new operating system so hopefully you won’t find too many applications that are not worth your time. If you are one of their consumers let us know what you think about their current stand point and the quality of their applications. Leave your comments in the boxes below.

Source: PhoneArena