GoSolarUSA (GSLO) announced today that its affiliate, the PREE Corporation, has produced a new prototype for its PREEcharge device designed to wirelessly charge portable electronics including the Apple iPhone/iPad, smart devices and tablets. GSLO is an emerging leader and provider of leading edge alternative solar energy strategies focused on American invented and manufactured solutions. GSLO commercializes next generation alternative solar energy and photovoltaic technologies to sell all over the world through our distribution channels.

“We’re tremendously pleased with the new innovations that PREE has included in their new PREEcharge prototype,” said GSLO President and CEO Tyson Rohde. “The physics behind this technology are sound, and we’re banking on this device becoming a game-changer in the world of electronics.” With that being said maybe GSLO will decide to venture out onto other platforms instead of just the iPhone/iPad platform. That would be great for all of us!

To let you understand more clearly what the PREEcharge is we can explain. The PREEcharge is a protective skin that utilizes new technology to harvest power from wireless radio-frequency (RF) signals, including those used by wireless local area networks (WLANs), CDMA transmissions, Bluetooth devices, and more. Once collected, the PREEcharge can apply this energy to portable devices such as smartphones and tablet computers in order to increase battery life. PREE’s advanced circuit board prototype includes a new antenna configuration designed to capture and convert wireless energy more efficiently. The PREEcharge also features solar cells to help supplement the power needs of mobile electronics. Isn’t this an interesting concept that makes charging seem much more convenient? We sure think so! Let us know what you think.

Source: Marketwatch