Google’s putting on the largest developer event of the year, May 19th-20th 2010, The Google I/O 2010. While they’ll be discussing various Google apps such as Google Chrome, the Google API’s, GWT, App Engine, and open web technologies, we’re mainly interested in Android. This year there will be about 80 sessions, more than 5,000 developers, and over 100 demonstrations. Some big announcements are expected relating to Android, such as Froyo (Android 2.2) and Flash support.

While talking about Froyo, we’ve learned about quite a few of the new features. Some of the biggest improvements are going to be wireless abilities. For example, you can stream music from your computer to your Android device without tethering it. You can browse the Android Market from your computer and tell your phone to download an app without actually touching your phone. Another feature we already knew was coming was moving apps to the SD storage. This can either be done automatically by the OS or manually. You can also tell apps to automatically update or do it manually. They are also including an app search widget, so instead of scrolling through pages of apps, you can start typing the name and it will show up. They’ve also improved voice recognition and expanded its abilities. Adobe Flash and AIR support are officially announced as well. HTML 5 will expand the browser’s capabilities and according to Google, the Froyo browser will absolutely “destroy” the iPad’s browser. They’ve announced better Exchange support in 2.2, the JIT compiler in the kernel, and wired and wifi tethering without rooting.

Google has officially announced Google TV, which we won’t really cover here, but they’ve said it will integrate into your Android device. You can do voice searches that will show up on your TV and integrate into Google TV.

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