Innocase™ Surface – Black Touch Pro 2
December 10, 2009 by tsowen, PPCGeeks
The Innocase offers great protection for your Touch Pro2
without a bulky feel to it.

Have you dropped your HTC Touch Pro2 yet? Well if you have or are prone to (eventually) dropping your Touch Pro2 and have been looking for a nice hardcase, well look no further Seido has now launched their Innocase Surface line for the Sprint and Verizon Touch Pro2. This week I have had the pleasure of testing out this case and I have to admit I love it. The Innocase adds a much-needed degree of “sturdiness” to the Touch Pro2’s less-than-rock-solid build, and fully protects its from scratches and other aesthetic damage. However, there are a few design flaws mean which means the case is far from perfect.

My favorite thing about the Seido Innocase for the Touch Pro2 is the sturdy feeling it adds to the device and gives it a little bit more grip in your hands. The case is very thin measuring in at a slim 1mm, adding little bulk to your device. The case is made of polycarbonate plastic and features Seido’s signature soft touch coating which gives the case a nice smooth touch verses a slippery one. I did find that with the Innocase that my Touch Pro2 would no longer fit in my holster I had bought previously. However Seido does offer an Innocase holster which is sold separately for.

Overall the cutting of the case seem to match up almost perfect, the only thing I found negative about the cutting and fit of the Innocase was pressing the bottom buttons seemed to be a bit more awkward due to the fact that the case was right up against the edge of the buttons.

Another thing I found within the design of the Innocase is the battery cover piece covers up most of the speaker holes which makes the speaker not as loud as it use to be. It would have been nice to see Seido take a little more time in the design and match the speaker holes for both the Sprint and Verizon Touch Pro2.
The Innocase was very easy to install and only took a few seconds to pop both the front and back piece on. Functionally the Innocase does not take away from the sliding in/out of the keyboard. Overall I was very pleased with the Innocase and the protection it provides to my Touch Pro2.

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