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Updated: 3 Windows Phone 7 Walkthrough Videos

Windows Phone Thoughts has put up a video of a 17 minute walkthrough their Chris Pirillo got with Microsoft's Greg Sullivan. Updated: WMPowerUser

March 12, 2010 General

Photon – The Old WM7 Interface

We all remember the leaked images of Windows Mobile 7 (some pictured above) that looked like a glorified Windows Mobile 6/6.5. According to Microsoft

March 02, 2010 General

Rumor: Now HTC HD2 Not Compatible With Windows Phone 7?

First we heard rumors that the HD2 would be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7, there was even a picture of it (which was determined

March 03, 2010 Devices

LG Windows Phone 7 Prototype

While Microsoft used a basic, unbranded ASUS device to show off Windows Phone 7 at the MWC10, LG was the first manufacturer to show us

February 45, 2010 Devices

HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 Petition

For you HTC HD2 owners out there, there's been much debate on the Windows Phone 7 upgrade options. The hardware should be able to

February 50, 2010 Devices

Windows Phone 7 1 Chassis Option At Launch?

Rumor has it that there will be very few chassis designs available for Windows Phone 7 Series, with only 1 being available at launch.

February 56, 2010 Devices, General
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