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Comments Off on Updating to Gingerbread (Android 2.3) blocked by Google?!

Updating to Gingerbread (Android 2.3) blocked by Google?!

Android Community was just sent a tip that may make some of you upset, if it's true. If you're an Android user waiting on Android

January 56, 2011 Devices, General

Apple maintains U.S. market share lead through November but Android is closing in fast!!

The race for the lead is on! Numbers are increasing consistently and Nielsen has the results spreading around the web like wildfires. According to November

January 20, 2011 General

How to cook a Nexus S Gingerbread style!

Now we all know Epic is the coolest device in the universe and if you own an iphone go [Edit by Courtney]...but a new cool

December 04, 2010 General

HTC and Samsung Take a look at Windows Phone 7’s Future

Windows Phone 7 is still new to the market as we know. HTC and Samsung both are really excited about this new contender in the

November 49, 2010 Devices, General

Google Goggles Finally Available on Iphone

Not long ago Google Goggles was released for the Android platform and now have extended their technology to the Apple Iphone platform as well.

October 30, 2010 General

Apple, Google, Microsoft, HTC, LG, Moto Sued!

Many of you know of the lawsuits going on between Apple and HTC.  Well, now patent holding firm NTP has issued a statement suing major

July 54, 2010 Featured, General

Notes From Google I/O 2010

Google's putting on the largest developer event of the year, May 19th-20th 2010, The Google I/O 2010. While they'll be discussing various Google apps

May 01, 2010 General

Google Closing Down Phone Web Store – Changes Coming

We all knew the Nexus One was a project by Google to help change the wireless industry as we know it. They were hoping

May 45, 2010 Devices

Android Market on track to surpass Apple App Store

Google’s efforts to market the Android OS platform to software developers appears to be working.  A strong open source community combined with developer events and

April 42, 2010 Devices, Featured, General

Google Gives Voice To Google Maps For (Windows) Mobile

In the days before prominent instant messaging, there was this chat technology called IRC. In IRC, it was possible to be given voice by the

April 24, 2010 Apps, General

Google Testing Android Froyo 2.2

It looks as if Google is already testing the next version of Android, version 2.2, dubbed Froyo. While digging through their visitor logs,

April 19, 2010 Devices, General

How Many Apps In That App Store?

Apps, apps, apps! With Google’s recent announcement that the Android Market has reached 38,000 applications, I decided to find out how many applications are in

April 43, 2010 Apps, Featured, General

Sprint News Release : Nexus One Coming To Sprint

Well what do we have here? It looks like every carrier is jumping on the Nexus One bandwagon lately, Sprint being the latest. In a

March 40, 2010 Carriers, General

Google Offering Free Nexus Ones Or Droids To Devs

Google has announced a new program dubbed the "Device Seeding Program", which will offer free Nexus Ones or Motorola Droids to proven developers (those in

March 29, 2010 Devices

Google Shopper: Android for Frugal

Google Shopper is the recently unleashed shopping application from Google Mobile Labs for Android-powered phones. It promises to easily lookup specifications, find reviews and

February 13, 2010 Apps, General, Reviews
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