WP7 Data and Voice Usage Summary vs. Apple iPhone!

So the luming question about Windows Phone 7 and the live tiles is: How much data do we need to plan for? Is this going

November 05, 2010 General

Microsoft Releases SP1 for WP7 in January!

So some of the biggest beefs of WP7 is no flash, no Copy and Paste, no real good navigation program. Well it appears that

November 05, 2010 Apps, General

Iphone + Skyfire = Troubles?!?

So it appears that the internet has blown up about the Skyfire download being pulled off of iTunes in the US. This comes as a

November 04, 2010 Apps, Devices, General
Comments Off on [Review] Rover puck 4G Unlimited Internet – A Wonderful Internet Experience!

[Review] Rover puck 4G Unlimited Internet – A Wonderful Internet Experience!

Thanks to our friends at Rover I've had the privilege to review the Roverpuck, which is a portable 4g wi-fi hotspot. I must say this

November 04, 2010 Devices, Featured, General, Reviews

Holiday Goodies Begin Coming To Verizon Wireless Soon!

Verizon Wireless has a couple of new smartphones coming out for the holidays; the Motorola Citrus and the Samsung Continuum. Release date is set for

November 02, 2010 General

8pen Keyboard for Android – Try It Now!

Yesterday you may have heard about a new Android keyboard, the 8pen. Some were thinking it was a few more weeks away when SURPRISE, it's

November 02, 2010 General

UPDATE: Windows Phone 7 – Calling and texting + special treats!!

Following our article describing that custom ring-tones could not be put on a Windows Phone 7 device, Coolsmartphone did some testing to see if they

November 02, 2010 General
Comments Off on Froyo – Eclair Dominating The Android Mobile Platform?

Froyo – Eclair Dominating The Android Mobile Platform?

Can we say Froyo is the most popular platform? According to these statistics I think so. Thanks to Android Developers for keeping track of data

November 02, 2010 General
Comments Off on UPDATE: HTC HD7 MicroSD Successfully Swapped

UPDATE: HTC HD7 MicroSD Successfully Swapped

In our recent article describing how the MicroSD of the HTC HD7 was irremovable, we had great feedback as well as other sites did too.

November 02, 2010 General

Dolphin Browser HD Version 4.0 for Android Is Impressive!

Several members here at PPCGeeks have been hooked on this browser since our first review found here by PPCG member bradart. Of course, like most

November 01, 2010 Featured, General

Rumor: Sprint taking pre-orders for HTC 7 Pro December 8th **UPDATE**

So with the HTC 7 Pro recently getting FCC approval, would you be surprised to hear that Sprint would be taking pre-orders on December the

November 01, 2010 Carriers, Devices

The PPCGP For 10/30/10 2010!

The PPCGP, All the Mobile News You'll Ever Need! Season 2, Episode 1 for 10/30/2010!

October 30, 2010 Featured, General, PPCGP

SafeCellApp – Get Paid to Turn Your Android or iPhone Off While Driving

Yes, you read that title right! SAFECELLapp only costs a hefty $12 to get started, but the idea is that you could earn that money

October 30, 2010 General

CES 2011 Mobile Apps Showdown – Enter Your App Now!

Some of you may ask what is CES? The International CES is produced by the Consumer Electronics Association and represents more than 2,000 corporate

October 29, 2010 General

Apple Working on Scratch-Proof iPhone

Apple has officially partnered with Liquidmetal Technologies, which started back in July, and began working on a new patent that will provide sturdier devices. Liquidmetal

October 29, 2010 General
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