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Tips to Help Developers Market Android Games and Apps

1) Website- I see a lot of developers that have a single blog page for all their apps. Look at the format of google play


Verdict Reached Apple Vs. Samsung

The verdict in the complex case came after the nine-member jury began deliberations on Wednesday. Apple Corp. filed its lawsuit in April 2011 and engaged

August 55, 2012 Featured

Do You Like What You See?

Recognize the woman in the picture above? You might not. She’s frowning, for one, and she’s wearing black and pink leather. (Where can I get

June 15, 2012 Editorial, Featured

Latest Nielsen Results: Over 90% of Smartphones Purchased in Last Three Months iOS or Android

  The latest Nielsen survey released shows some pretty amazing trends in the cell phone industry. First to note is that smartphones now account for


Want $20 gift certificate for your carrier?

Check out our easy awesome contest!   For our first contest of this year, we would like to do a photo contest. Please post a

March 59, 2012 Featured, General

Samsung Rolling out ICS for Galaxy Sll

Samsung if finally pushing ICS to the Galaxy Sll in select countries today, then across the U.K. starting in about a week.  As far as

March 10, 2012 Devices, Featured, General

The New iPad!

  Well, what we basically thought the new iPad was going to be is basically what it is.  Apple is calling it “the new iPad”

March 55, 2012 Devices, Featured, General

March GOTM Contest!

  For our first contest of this year, we would like to do a photo contest. Please post a picture of yourself along with a

February 13, 2012 Featured, General, Giveaway

[ROM] OMJ’s HTC EVO 3D Custom ROMs

We here at PPCGeeks wanted new users to this site, who own a HTC EVO 3D, to be sure and check out OMJ’s Custom ROM’s!

February 49, 2012 Developers, Featured, General

PPCGeeks Member of the Month/Year 2012

  PPCGeeks is a leader of mobile device content, knowledge and support for CDMA Devices. We love to discuss smartphones and tablets and our forums

February 38, 2012 Featured, General, Giveaway

[ROM] Project: Teya 2.0.2 RC

User jmart518 has released his latest ROM for the HTC Imagio called  Project: Teya 2.0.2 RC.  This is one clean looking ROM. In this ROM he has decided

January 31, 2012 Developers, Featured

[ROM][Odexed Blue][Updated 1/22][EL29][NoCIQ, 1x/3G, 4g Hotspot, Power Options]

  Strongsteve has decided to host his latest latest ROM for the Epic 4G Touch over here at PPCGeeks dubbed [ROM][Odexed Blue][Updated 1/22][EL29][NoCIQ, 1x/3G, 4g Hotspot, Power

January 29, 2012 Developers, Featured

[ROM] The EVO Classic – Sense 1.0 Redefined

Tommytomatoe has just released his EVO Classic – Sense 1.0 Redefined and if I still had an EVO this is one ROM I would be flashing.

January 28, 2012 Developers, Featured

PPCGeeks Official SOPA Statement

Ever since our humble beginnings in 2006, PPCGeeks has been a community about free information and free technology. What made PPCGeeks (and our parent company

January 17, 2012 Featured, General

News Writers Wanted

We have finally come into a position to pay a little money for some hard work and are currently seeking News Writers for PPCGeeks. I

January 18, 2012 Featured, General
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